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Self Portraits in Reflective Surfaces

Shiny Things Make Us Smile

Mirror Me
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This community is photography based. The idea is that the images are self portraits but with a twist, they must be taken in a reflective surface.

for example: mirrors, windows, saucepans, spoons, lakes, bathtubs, shower screens, shiny metal on buildings, chrome on cars, anything at all. the weirder the better!! try and find something no one has done before !!

*Hint: turn your flash OFF, otherwise you will have a big white blur..

moderator: serpentine_kiss


1) The image must be taken in a reflective surface of some description

2) The image must show you (the photographer) in it in some form or another. (even if it is only your foot, you must feature in the image) there may be other people in the shot, but it MUST be a self portrait.

3) Please keep the images to a decent size, use your own judgement, because sadly not everyone has cable connection. If you want to post a series of shots (please do!!) just put the third and rest of the series behind an LJ cut.

4) Artistic nudity is welcomed and encouraged, but please no close ups of cocks or pussies. there are other communities for that.

5) HAVE FUN !!! the possibilities for entries to this community are endless, so get snapping !!